Which social bookmarking tool is best for BT’s intranet?

I’ve seen how social bookmarking and feed aggregators are increasingly being used by internet users.  People can aggregate syndicated web content such as news headlines, blogs, podcasts, even vlogs in one place for easy use.

Examples of internet social bookmarking tools that can do this are Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious.

I’m interested in how BT’s intranet can use this to help people share content on our wiki, blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds with others with similar interests and work areas across all parts of BT.

So which social bookmarking tools could work best on BT’s intranet?  I would love to find out more from you……!

13 responses to “Which social bookmarking tool is best for BT’s intranet?

  1. Personally I like Delicious. I do use it for Intranet sites, but tick do not share, which someone defeats the purpose. Have you come across Squidz? It is on the intranet – I think Nick Kings created it, could be wrong, but looked like an Intranet based Social Bookmarking system.

    What are the plans in this space? Would be great to get something going.

    • Jon,

      It was coming across Squidz that prompted this post. I understand BT has something called Scrumptious which could help.

      It’s all in the melting pot. Depending on what comes of either of the above and any suggestions we’ll see what is best and affordable for our use.

      Watch this space………


  2. Mark – there are a number of different options for doing this from what you might think of as the classic bookmarking tools (Scuttle, Cognez, Connectbeam) through to activity and feed stream tools, like Attensa. Many social computing apps that could be used on the intranet, like enterprise wikis (e.g. Confluence) and even some social networking engines (e.g. Elgg) also offer social bookmarking. If you have SharePoint, Newsgator’s SocialSites is another options for doing this around communities.

    I saw a great example of Scuttle being used recently, but what was particularly clever about it was the way they have invested in really integrating it into their intranet ecosystem, so it wasn’t a stand alone tool. So, I think that’s an important point – how is this function going to fit into the rest of your intranet and the user’s daily activities.

    • James,

      Thanks for the advice about integrating. I agree that is vital to get the full benefit. I’ll also pick up on your examples to see how it meets our needs.

      I wonder if anyone else has used Scuttle or the other tools on their intranets?


  3. I have to say, I find having to try and maintain seperate internal/external bookmarks a real pain.

    Take Yammer for example, since it’s outside the firewall, it’s not possible to create RSS based on internal blogs, videos etc.

    I tend to use Bloglines as a feedreader, but then it can’t read internal feeds.

    Use feedreader and then it’s only available on my work laptop.

    Maybe I’m asking for the impossible because of firewalls, but I just want one tool that can manage all my bookmarks and be able to share then accordingly.

    • Martin,

      What you want is what I want and many others in BT want too. The challenge is to try to find some tool or tools that can meet this. I’m in contact with our IT guys to work on this so watch this space……or email me.

      Thanks for your comments.


  4. talked to the Osmosoftians about scrumptious – I know @mahemoff was doing fun things with that?


    • Steve,

      Thanks. I’m following up with Jeremy Ruston and his Osmosfot team on scrumptious. I hope it is as good as it tastes and sounds! 🙂


  5. Jonathan Denison

    I see sharepoint 2010 has social bookmarking too. It’s in beta internally at present.


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