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I have posted before about simple steps to setting up a wiki and the next stages when it is established.  My last post updated you about BTpedia, our wiki.  I thought it would also help if I showed you where Blog Central is now.

Blog Central was created in 2008.  Beta testing with users has led to a small application becoming a critical place for people to share how to do things in BT.

Without advertising or publicity it has grown to over 350 blogs and is linked from the BT Homepage and searched like other content areas.

I have some slides with examples of how Blog Central is now.  They show:

  1. Blog Central linked directly from BT Homepage, top level of BT’s intranet
  2. Blog Central searched by SearchBT, BT’s intranet search engine for most content
  3. BT A-Z includes Blog Central with other content types
  4. Blog Central homepage
  5. Disclaimer for user generated content
  6. BT’s policy on internal and external business and personal blogs
  7. Help on how to be a good blogger
  8. A post from Sandy Blair’s internal blog (thanks Sandy)
  9. A post from our Publishing business blog.

I hope these help you with your intranet blogging.  Let me know what you think…………

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