Really Simple Publishing – that’s what we need!

I am a great user of RSSReally Simple Syndication – and you can use it to know when I have updated my blog with a post or comment if you wish to.

I believe we need the same for any web publishing  – RSP: Really Simple Publishing – so publishing content is as simple as sending an email.


Well it removes many barriers that prevent the right people from being able to publish.  It will also reduce the total cost to your organisation of web publishing while gaining all of the benefits.

RSP would save BT the:

  • cost of training of people who need to publish
  • cost of technical support as people won’t need help
  • reduced time to make changes and make them live much quicker
  • delays while changes are emailed to someone skilled and trained in using a more complex publishing tool
  • reasons why the owner of the content couldn’t publish it too.

That’s why BT is testing out publishing tools like WordPress to achieve the full value of our intranet and meet BT’s intranet strategy and plan.

All those in favour, reply and say ‘Yes!’.

5 responses to “Really Simple Publishing – that’s what we need!

  1. Simplicity of publishing will only be as easy as the content you want to put out there. Simple blogs with images have their place but often something more complex will be needed and that is where the simple solutions fall down.

    However initiatives such as Google Wave start to realise this simplicity when you can embed ‘conversations’ with complex content that is editable by multiple authors gives the ability to write once, publish many. It remains to be seen just how simple this will be but this goes some way to RSP

    • Marc,

      Thanks for your views. We’ll have to wait and see what impact Google Wave has on BT’s intranet. Inevitably it will like all other other internet advances but how is more difficult to see.

      Simpler publishing tools now save costs and remove barriers to publishing – issues we need to address now. It should put us in a good position for what happens next.

      I think the majority of our sites are simple in structure and content and suitable for something like WordPress. Something like Oracle UCM is needed for more complex, heavily used sites like BT Homepage.


  2. Hi Mark. I think WordPress has definately helped to ease publishing in BT, but … and there is always a but. In Word 2007 there is some functionality to allow you to draft a blog in word and then post directly to your blogging system. I have tried to use this, but I couldn’t make it work with our internal WordPress system. Might just have been user trouble, but the benefit of getting this working would be that people could use a creation environment they are familiar with, such as word, be able to embed pictures and tables etc. and then publish straight to WordPress (blogcentral). Creating rich blogs in blogcentral is complex, and embedding photo’s or diagrams is beyond most average users.

    Could we get this functionality to be easy to use?

    PS, love dare2share … not sure if you have seen this, but a great youtube like compliment to podcast central.

    • Jon,

      Thanks for your comments. It is something we will look into but not a priority. It is so easy using WordPress on its own to write content. Using Word isn’t therefore essential but something which may help present information better.

      I only use WordPress for my posts and feel I have enough options but that’s just my view.

      My main point about WordPress is extending its use beyond blogs to publishing and managing formal content. The signs are good so far with the testing.

      On Dare2Share, while it has potential to match Podcast Central there are some technical problems to overcome – Microsoft’s RSS code is different to everyone else’s so you can’t get updates; D2S uses inaccessble code preventing impaired users getting the same experience – before it is a genuinely open collaborative tool. We’ll get there but Microsoft don’t make it easy!


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