Who uses WordPress?

I met with Janus Boye last week and discussed a range of intranet topics including BT’s plans to replace our existing publishing tools.

BT already uses WordPress as a blogging platform very well.  It is very easy to use and gives a great experience to bloggers, contributors and viewers.

BT is now testing WordPress as a publishing tool for micro intranet sites.

Have you used WordPress for this type of publishing?  Do you know anyone who has please?

I would love to hear about what your experience has been so far.

Thanks! 🙂

13 responses to “Who uses WordPress?

  1. You should of known I would popup in here

    My wife’s personal site is WP driven ( http://theresahampton.com)
    i also believe Steve ellwoods local coats guard site is WP driven (http://cromartycoastguard.co.uk/)

    In my experience for basic , yet good looking site wordpress as a CMS is just the job

    much lighter then joomla and mambo for most sites

    wordpress 3 promises to be interesting with the integration of wordpress MU features into main stream product

    • Lee,

      I was banking on it! 🙂

      Our experience so far has been it is simple, easy to publish and manage content for micro intranet sites. When a site is heavily used (millions of hits a month), complex and many publishers for different parts of the site something more heavy duty could be better……………..or is it?!


  2. As Lee says, I know of some folk who use it for their website, but not in an intranet context. Eg http://blethermedia.com/.
    I think some of my clients may well start using it as well since it is easy to use (unlike Joomla).

    • Heather,

      Thanks for the info. Janus Boye knows organisations that have used WordPress for their intranet sites but not on the scale of BT’s intranet.

      We maybe breaking new ground but I have a good feel about it from our testing so far.

      I’ll keep everyone posted and see who else knows of organisations using it for their intranet.


  3. Like Lee says, I use WP as a CMS on various sites.
    It’s hugely scaleable.

    Have a word with Simon Dickson at http://puffbox.com/ – he’s a Wp consultant type, but I’m sure he’d be happy to chat – WP does some big, big stuff.

    In fact – have a look at http://puffbox.com/2009/07/07/dfid-berr-social-intranet/

    • Steve,

      Thanks for your help in posting on Simon’s blog too. I have asked if he can help me.

      Fingers crossed!


  4. We have several WP blogs used as a lightweight CMS mechanism to allow authorship of some intranet content. This works very well in our context of small size, extremely limited intranet resouces/budget, and hand coded HTML & ASP.NET pages/apps. Several pages (including the home page) have custom ASP.NET code which renders category level RSS feed content in various ways as pages are accessed. Would be very happy to provide more info or share code. Send me an email.

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  7. Mark, I didn’t find any contact details, so I hope to get an short answer here instead.

    What was the main reason you chose WordPress att blogging platform over SharePoint?

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