Using the right collaborative tools

On 9 June I’ll have the pleasure of taking part in a discussion group at KCUK 2009 with David Ott, Manager, Information Worker Applications, World Health Organization and Ben Gardner, Client Engagement Manager, Research Informatics, Pfizer.

We’ll be identifying the business purpose of using the right collaborative tools.  If you are not going to the conference but have some ideas to share with me on this I would love to hear from you.

We’re covering:

Comparing the business benefits of blogs and wikis over other web-based publishing models

Encouraging employees to share and communicate their business knowledge

Demonstrating the benefits of podcasts and RSS feeds to communicate your corporate message and employee insight

My view is covered in my previous posts on how to start intranet wikis and blogs and the more advanced steps.  You need to consider your organisation’s culture, strategy and needs to collaborate online.  Then you need to start small, test early and build or fail quickly.  It is important your users know the difference between opinions which can change and authoritative facts that won’t when using this knowledge for their business needs.

I’ll post in next few days about how BT has successfully used podcasts and RSS but let me have your views in the meantime. 🙂

5 responses to “Using the right collaborative tools

  1. Collaborative Environments inside and outside the corporate walls? How to reach the networked business model without get killed in debacle called security swamp? Second, conversational technologies (IM, Twitter) and emerging stuff, like waves from Google how to fit them into the corporate landscape?

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  3. Do you see a place for Google Wave on the Intranet Mark? Looks interesting to me, especially if we can use internally and externally with customers.

    • Jon,

      We are pretty enthusiastic about the technology, but we’ll need to get our hands on it before we say anymore.


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