Adding value to your intranet

On May 13th I will be presenting on ‘Intranet governance at BT – adding value to your intranet’ at Intranätdagarna 2009 in Stockholm.  I will show how:

  • Developing a strategy that aligns to your overall business strategy and getting buy-in
  • Governance model that shows who is responsible for each activity
  • Defining different types of online content (formal, collaborative, etc)
  • Complying with publishing standards
  • Meeting the needs of your users
  • Measuring the overall impact your intranet has on your business.

 ….can add value to your intranet.  I’m sharing my presentation I’ll be using at Intranätdagarna 2009.

I hope to meet many intranet people at the conference so please say ‘hello’ or ‘hej’ to me.  🙂

3 responses to “Adding value to your intranet

  1. I won’t be there but my grandfather was born in Malmo. Is that good enough to say “hej”?
    Thanks for the slides.

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