You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone


Joni Mitchell sang on ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ the words “Don’t it always seem to go that you dont know what you’ve got till it’s gone”.  I was reminded last week while on holiday of these words.

I was staying in a lovely cottage (Eliza’s Croft in case anyone is interested) in Cornwall away from everything – work, people, daily routine, etc. – and really enjoying the experience and weather.  But there was something different that I noticed.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for me either!

I had no mobile signal, the TV had no teletext feature and there were no internet or broadband connections.  If I wanted to check out a place to visit or eat I had no information apart from talking with people, trying to find a leaflet or just taking a chance.

As I said before it wasn’t a problem and fitted with my easy going type of holiday but my point in this post is I noticed it and it made a difference to me.

It made me think what it would be like our intranets weren’t available.

Would it be very difficult or impossible to work with all the information and applications you need to do being online as an integral part of your intranet?

Or would most people still be able to do their work easily and have easy work arounds to get their work done because it wasn’t on your intranet?

If it is the latter then you should worry.  You should work out how you can move them to your intranet and build resilience in so they are always available. 

Then prioritise them and build business cases starting with the top one and justify the benefits to be gained by doing this.

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