BT Intranet best practice example – 1

In my last post about the results of BT’s intranet being benchmarked against global best practice there was a comment from Toby Ward asking to see some of the examples benchmarked as best practice.  So, here is the first example for you.

Senior sponsorship

The IBF found good examples of senior manager’s sponsorship of BT’s intranet.  Senior managers are both consumers and providers of intranet content and applications as well as sponsoring and signing off on our strategy.

Our CEO, Ian Livingston, is a prominent figure on our intranet with regular online chats and comments on views raised by people in BT.  Other senior managers also have blogs, online chats and encourage the sharing views by contributing to others.

Here are some best practice screenshots of what the IBF found.

PS Tony:  How’s that for you?

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