BT Intranet 2009 benchmark results

I promised a few weeks ago to update you on our how our intranet benchmarked against global best practice.  You can find the background to this on my post on benchmarking.

I’m really pleased to say BT’s intranet has again improved when benchmarked by the Intranet Benchmarking Forum. It is now the top intranet overall and for each of the quadrants assessed – strategy and governance; communications and culture; performance and metrics; and design and usability.

Does it make our intranet the best in the world?  I’m sure you’ll let me know! 🙂

It certainly confirms the BT Intranet user experience is even better, meaning less time spent finding what people need for their work; what they find being of greater value; our intranet adds value to BT.

It also shows where further improvements can be made to improve it even further.  And that’s the really key message for you.

If I can identify improvements I can make then so can every other intranet manager/owner.  Make sure you pick those that:

  • show the biggest impact
  • are the easiest to implement
  • are the cheapest to implement
  • can be quickly implemented

In these times of recession, cost cutting, downsizing, you will still be able to find things that you can improve for little or no cost.  I know I can so you should be able to too!

I’ll update you in more detail about our plans for each of the quadrants benchmarked in the weeks ahead.

12 responses to “BT Intranet 2009 benchmark results

  1. Do share some screens of what is working well! Lets get the PR machine working for you…



    PS – I Tweeted this already…

    • Toby,

      Thanks for tweeting my blog. All PR greatly (and humbly) accepted and appreciated. I will share screens of best practice when I post in future about this. Any help you can give will be great to help get any good messages out there more!


  2. Jonathan Denison

    I agree the BT Internet is good, but it will never be the Intranet. We can’t hope to continue to innovate at web 2.0 speed. What are your views on our firewall policies? Are they limiting productivity? Can they be relaxed? Tools such as, and google apps can really aid collaboration, but we can’t benefit from them.

    What are your thoughts?


    • Jon,

      Did you mean to say ‘I agree the BT Internet is good, but it will never be the Intranet’ or did you mean the other way round? 🙂

      I believe it is inevitable that our firewall policies which are more relaxed than many organisations can be relaxed further. We need to show the business benefits – productivity, wider collaborating potential with people outside of BT, etc – outweighs the risks.

      Perhaps we need to talk about how we join forces to achieve this next week?


  3. LOL. I did actually mean the other way round.

    Would be great to discuss how we could help drive the agenda around this. I agree BT is forward thinking in this space. I know of many companies who block anything which refer’s to blog or wiki! I am sure in a few years they will look back and wonder why those decisions were made.

    Look forward to talking to you.


  4. Philip Morton

    Congratulations on getting a positive report, but I must respectfully disagree with the notion that the intranet is anything above average. It may be better than other companies’ equivalents, but it still has numerous issues.

    The homepage is okay, but the organisation of the ‘Most popular’ and ‘Essentials’ section is poor. What is the difference between these two? There are too many popular items for it to be a used as a quick reference.

    Many of the sub-sites on the intranet are very poorly designed, some almost to a comical degree, and they’re only consistent with the rest of the intranet because of the thin bar at the top. The Gatekeeper, BT People, Order gateway, Acronyms and Shares sites all great examples of this.

    I’ve also yet to see an intranet page with valid, semantic markup. Perhaps this is not seen as important because the sites aren’t customer facing, but it gives the impression that being professional and designing with standards simply doesn’t matter.

    I understand that managing an intranet the size of BT’s is a huge task and that many of the pages were designed long ago, but this shouldn’t deter anyone from recognising its weaknesses.

    • Philip,

      Wow! Where did all that come from? I guess you must be one of our 6% dissatisfied users I posted about earlier

      If you read through my previous posts you will see I do recognise our intranet’s weaknesses as well as it’s strengths and have asked for help to solve them.

      Please remember IBF is an independent organisation who benchmarking our intranet – not me! It is good but can always be improved further.

      The homepage has a most popular section because it is the most visited links on it. Eseentials are those sites which may not be as popular but are essential for people in BT to be aware from time to time. Feedback from users has been very good but I accept it is impossible to please everyone and give them all they need.

      The global navigation bar and BT mark reassure users they are in BT’s intranet. Branding is ‘light touch’ but I accept our applications could be more consistently designed. The issue of poor usability of applications and cost of customising the design and structure are long running and not entirely within my control sadly.

      Our intranet is as important as our internet sites. If people in BT can’t use the intranet, they can’t do their work as well – simple as that.

      Perhaps it might be better if you get in touch with me directly and we’ll see how we can help each other? 🙂


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