Benchmarking the value of BT’s intranet

BT believes it has a good intranet.  The posts on my blog give examples of what we are doing to help our users – everyone in BT and our third parties who use it – do their work using the BT Intranet to find information, share and collaborate and use online applications.

But just how good is our intranet?  BT decided a few years ago to get an expert independent assessment.  

BT became a global member of the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF).  Part of the membership package is to have your intranet benchmarked against global best practice.

Each year the IBF assess our intranet in 4 areas.  These are: strategy and governance; performance and metrics (business value); communications and culture; design and usability.

The results have (thankfully) shown that our view of how good are intranet is has been confirmed with solid examples to justify them.  It has also helped show the areas we can still improve in.

These are built into our strategy and action plan along with user feedback and business plans and priorities each year.

The work for the 2009 survey has been completed and we’re waiting for the results in March.

I’ll share with you the key findings and what action we plan to take in the next few weeks.  It’s no good paying for a report if you are not going to act upon it!

PS All the changes I ordered through BT’s intranet when I moved home were implemented.  I have a problem with too few power points and phone sockets that were not wired up by the previous occupants but that’s beyond even the influence of intranets to solve!

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