Intranet manager uses own intranet to move home….and work!

I’ve blogged a lot about how good BT’s intranet is in helping people to get their work done quickly and finding what they need to do and being able to do it easily.  Self service is something that is in BT’s culture and bloodstream.

So, when I found myself as a BT homeworker who is moving home, I thought it would be good to share with you how much I was able to do using our intranet.

And the answer was – everything!

I didn’t need to contact a call centre only when they were open or rely on someone else entering my details accurately.  I was able to make these changes online at a time that suited me:

  • My work phone number details so people have my new number
  • My home address so any post is sent to the right address
  • Show everyone that I was on holiday as my Outlook calendar automatically transferred the details to BT’s Directory
  • Arrange for my work broadband and phone line to be moved to my new home
  • Even arrange for my home broadband and phone to be moved too!

So, I didn’t have to contact anyone unless I chose to. 

I’ll give you a quick update in my blog next week to say how the move went and if my intranet worked for me.  Wish me luck with the packing/unpacking; loading/unloading; disconnecting/connecting of utilities, etc, and wondering how so much ‘stuff’ has accumulated over the years that we need to sift through!

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