5 simple ways to have good intranet publishers

BT has just relaunched its support site to help all our intranet publishers new and existing ones.  It breaks down into 5 simple ways which my slides show examples of.


Starting up

New BT Intranet publishers will first choose what type of content they want to publish.  This can be authoritative, formal, content published using our content management system.  Publishers follow a simple process and their manager approves their request if justified.  Team and crowd types of content like wikis and personal content like blogs are available on demand.  You just need to sign up to the standards for these types of content – no anonymity, nothing defamatory, etc.



Publishers of formal content need to show they are aware and understand the publishing standards, particularly making their content as accessible, usable and readable as possible.  They also need to pass the training on how to use our CMS before they are able to publish on BT’s intranet.  All training is online so no costs or time is wasted having to travel to attend a course.



Publishers can quickly see the standards they must comply for legal (web accessibility), regulatory (protecting sensitive information) and business (information retention) needs.  They are written in short, easy to understand, style avoiding technical jargon.



There is a newsdesk for the latest articles.  This could become a blog publishers subscribe to and feedback their views on postings.  Any urgent and/or important news is emailed directly to all publishers.  A round up of all the key news is emailed out every 6 weeks in case publishers have missed anything of interest.  It’s normally the title of the subject, linked to the details, and a one line summary to help publishers decide.



We have added teeth to the few publishing standards we have for our intranet.  We have a tool which automatically checks for accessibility, out of date content and if content is sensitive at least once a week.  It asks the publisher to review the content and correct it or remove it.  If the publisher fails to do this, it will be escalated to their manager and then removed.  This means users have complete confidence they can rely on the integrity of the content they need to use on BT’s intranet for their work.

6 responses to “5 simple ways to have good intranet publishers

  1. I like the balance between:
    * formal and informal content (and the rules that apply to each)
    * freedom and “teeth” !

    One question: from the user’s perspective, can they easily tell the difference between the formal, authoritative content and the informal stuff?

  2. Sounds like a great system – what tool do you use for checking compliance?

  3. Sounds like a great system. What tool do you use to check compliance?

    • Ailsa,

      You need to have the publishing standards, governance model and business agreement first before the tool will be effective.

      BT has bought IBM’s Rational Policy Tester. We call it Webchecker as it is more intuitive. We have has to customise and increase the functionality to meet our needs. For example, it won’t email anyone to let them know if they have a problem. It just shows the results of the tests.

      Let me know if I can help you further.


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