How users can tell it is social media content

In my last post ‘Searching all intranet content including social media’ I blogged about how users can search for user generated content.  I will show in this post how users can tell the difference in the 4 content types I covered in my post ‘Extending publishing standards into new content areas‘.

To help our BT Intranet users we have a global navigation bar (GNB) at the top of every page of published content.

For authoritative, factual, content our users have a purple GNB to show users they can rely on this content for any business decisions they make based on it.

For collaborative and emerging thought content published on blogs, wikis and podcasts for example, we have a yellow GNB and a disclaimer saying that user generated content is content that is produced by individuals or groups of people in real-time without any ‘official’ editorial controls.

This helps users to differentiate the content types and know which is user generated content that may need further assessment before being used for their work.

It does give users access to the latest thinking across BT that wasn’t possible with just the authoritative content.

You can see examples of the GNB used in these slides.

9 responses to “How users can tell it is social media content

  1. Drat – just read this related link – ok, question neatly answered 🙂

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