Searching all intranet content including social media

In my last post ‘New year – new BT intranet homepage‘ I showed how the BT Intranet homepage has now integrated feeds from our wiki, blogs and podcasts with other traditional content and links.


Finding this information on BT Intranet sites will be easier now after a major overhaul of our intranet search engine.The search engine has been upgraded and its coverage extended to the new social media sites.  The result is a faster, more efficient engine which will provide more relevant results for users.

It means users can search for any authoritative information or emerging thoughts on the terms they have entered.  This can save duplicated effort and save time solving problems.

You can see what this looks like in the search slides showing categories and results shown.  The first result is for BTpedia which is our intranet wiki.  The other results are for our CMS content.

I’ll show in my next post how users can differentiate the different content types.

For anyone technically minded our search engine runs the Autonomy Ultraseek engine, version 5.7 with security and bug fixes applied.

9 responses to “Searching all intranet content including social media

  1. Hi Mate,

    New search is looking good, nice work. I see that you are using the term user generated content, over social media. I understand exactly why you did it, but just wondering how it’s going down with the users, do you think they are understanding it?


    • Andrew,

      Good to hear from you! No, we haven’t found any misunderstandings…………so far. We have made the distinction between authoritative published content and user generated content – with that phrase used – from the start.

      We do keep reviewing with users and will be asking in our annual survey of users what they believe it means. I’ll blog about that later this year.

      Keep up the good work with Shells’ intranet.


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  3. Hi Mark, the search results are looking good.

    I would love, however, to see a summary for each hit, as this makes a big difference to the “information scent” of the page. A technical limitation perhaps?

    Some of the items can also be further stripped out, but that’s just my hobby horse at present. 🙂

    • Hi there James. Thanks for your comments. Perhaps you can give me a bit more detail by what you mean. The 2nd slide shows each result does get a short summary of what it is about. i admit some are better than others. I don’t think it is entirely technical. It’s also how diligent publishers are in describing.

      Neither are a quick fix but it is something we are trying to improve so users get an even better experience.


  4. Hi,

    Nice job Mark. For an organisation is this a great oppurtunity. Saving time is what they want.

    Thank you for sharing this,,


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