5 ways to help you improve intranet applications

In my last two postings I have touched on the problems I find intranet users have with usability of applications they have to use.  I covered in ‘Why are intranet applications so difficult to use?’ the common problems users have to overcome.  I then suggested in ‘Why doesn’t vanilla = usable with intranet applications?’ how software vendors could prevent these problems.

Here are some easy steps to help you with these problems.

  1. Publish a set of usability standards you want all application owners to follow.
  2. Have an agreed owner of the usability standards who has credibility and can help application owners.
  3. Get the buy in from key people across the business to accept the standards and improve their applications’ usability.
  4. Make sure your standards are embedded into your procurement and development processes to prevent the problems getting worse.
  5. Review intranet applications at least one a year with the owner against your usability standards.

BT has managed to do all 5 steps.  The user experience with our intranet applications is slowly improving – slowly because of the difficulties getting software vendors to get involved.

In my next post I’ll cover what our usability standards for intranet applications are.  Let me know if there is other help I can give…………..or you can help me with.

4 responses to “5 ways to help you improve intranet applications

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  2. I think point 6 would be to get these standards embedded into the contracting and procurement processes. For us at Shell, CP is the front line when negotiating with these vendors.

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