It’s the user, stupid!

I’ve adapted the campaign slogan from Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign of “It’s the economy, stupid” so it applies to intranets.

I recently presented ‘Exploiting user testing – getting users to answer the difficult questions’ at an Ark Group conference in London.

The underlying point I wanted to make was that BT has always put the needs of the user at centre stage with its intranet strategy and plans. 

While BT’s strategy, culture, organisation and key stakeholders have played big parts in the success of our intranet, having intranet ownership in Communications and focusing on the business and user needs rather than the technology has been pivotal in making BT’s intranet the business critical system that 85% of users are satisfied or very satisfied with.  I’m working on the other 15% as I write this! 🙂

 And now for something completely different.  I found this funny.  Is it just my strange sense of humour or do you too?

Do not walk behind me for I may not lead.  Do not walk ahead of me for I may not follow.  Do not walk beside me for the the path is narrow.  In fact just shove off and leave me alone!

4 responses to “It’s the user, stupid!

  1. Excellent quote to rebut Thomas Paine’s “Lead, follow, or get out of the way

  2. Steve,

    I agree. I was finding out more about Thomas Paine on Simon Schama’s recent series about America’s past history and present situation. Hope the snow isn’t getting too deep!


  3. I like the title of the post Mark, but if you were in IT, would it be “It’s the stupid User”, not wanting to offend any of my fantastic IT colleagues:)

  4. Andrew,

    Ha ha! 🙂

    I wouldn’t want to offend any of my IT colleagues either. I guess we all want to improve things but come at the issue from different directions and sometimes forget it is the user experience that we are trying to help.

    It doesn’t help our IT colleagues by the appallingly bad state of usability many applications from software vendors have.


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