Don’t forget your users

I’ve been invited to talk at the Engaging & Exchanging: Internal Communications Strategies
for a Changing World conference this Wednesday by the Openbook Institute on:

  • Setting up the intranet strategy
  • Governance and standards for all the information
  • How you identify user needs
  • How the design and features have developed
  • How users find what they need on the intranet
  • How and what support to give managers who both use and populate the intranet.

The main point I will be making is intranet managers and publishers should never lose sight of the user.  We don’t publish information for our own benefit.  Intranet managers should always be trying to improve the user experience.  Publishers should always think about how users will understand easiest the layout of content and style of writing.

Achieving improvements means users are encouraged to use it.  Users will find what they need for their work more easily saving time and money while improving customer service.  Duplication costs are removed with one easily found source that can be used.

Read my earlier postings on how strategy, governance and standards have been developed and their effect.  My next posting on this blog will be about how we test new content and applications with users.

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