Can you help an intranet manager?

Being an intranet manager can be a lonely place.  How many organisations do you know who have more than one?  Certainly in BT I am the only intranet manager…………although I do have a great team that support me!

Our potential for comparing and learning from others is limited by the internal nature and focus of intranets. Firewalls are necessary for security but make sharing knowledge difficult.

So it was great to meet up recently with Dominic Chiappe from Lloyds Registers and other intranet managers to talk about our intranets.  Dominic is planning some great improvements to Lloyds Registers’ intranet and wants to find out more about what is good about other intranets.  He even gave a free buffet lunch and the offer of a tour of their historic building in London in return for a few hours of our time!  Very good value in my opinion. J

So, back to my question.  Can you help Dominic?  He’s very friendly and would be very keen to reciprocate any offer to help with an exchange on intranets.

You can either leave a comment on my blog or email Dominic directly  He’ll be very pleased to hear from you.



2 responses to “Can you help an intranet manager?

  1. I would be more than happy to through a few ideas into the mix, from a what goes on under the bonnet perspective, feel free to pass on my details, (Inclusing daytime details too, if you wish)

  2. Lee,

    Thanks. That’s great. I’ll pass your details on.

    Mark 🙂

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