Intranet management? It’s business as usual in BT

As you will know if you have been reading my earlier posts, I’m the BT Intranet manager.  Our intranet is close to 14 years old and has matured into a business critical tool that is used every day by everyone for everything connected with their work.

But how do we manage our intranet?

Well, there’s me…………..and a small central team in an Intranet Centre of Excellence (ICE).  We don’t do any publishing apart from BT Homepage, our corporate intranet portal, and the site that supports our publishing community.  ICE is responsible for the strategy which is aligned to BT’s overall strategy and the actions needed to improve our intranet further.

When BT’s intranet was rolled out we delegated responsibility to ‘franchise holders’ (think of Tie Rack, Macdonalds, etc) for approving publishers to publish and meeting our standards based on business, legal, regulatory and, most importantly, users’ needs.

However now BT’s intranet has matured the management of the day to day publishing activities is carried out by the owners of the information published on BT’s intranet and their managers.  BT treats a digital asset (web site, online document, etc) the same as a physical asset (new phone, PC, etc).  Someone requests and justifies the need and their line manager approves/rejects it.

If a digital asset doesn’t comply with a standard then the owner and, if no action is taken, their manager are asked to act on the problem or risk it being removed by an automated escalation process and tool.  This is the same as for anything else where someone isn’t meeting any of BT’s business policies.

It means it is business as usual for people in BT using digital assets as it is for physical assets.  There is no central team doing these activities on people’s behalf or a parallel governance and approvers just for intranet stuff.  Those days are long gone now in BT.

3 responses to “Intranet management? It’s business as usual in BT

  1. It’s nice to see that your management has the nous to realise the intranet needs a strategic element. I dream of that day 🙂

  2. BT thankfully has always seen its intranet as underpinning its strategy and something which is embedded in the bloodstream of the company.

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