Make money from your intranet

Following on from my demonstration of BT’s intranet at IBF24 last week (see my posting ‘How easy can it be to use an intranet?’) it always causes a great deal of comment when I say BT makes money from its intranet.

I don’t mean by selling our intranet services based on how successfully we use them within BT.  No.  I mean intranet services that people in BT use on our intranet which we get paid for.

Here are 2 examples that BT has:

1. Many organisations advertise in our corporate newsletter and our online newsdesk, BT today.  People have accepted for years that adverts appear in it as they do for may other newspapers.  We extended this to our newsdesk on BT’s intranet so it didn’t distract users from their main purpose for using the site – finding the latest news – while encouraging them to click on the adverts.  It brings in several tens of thousands of pounds each year.  Yes, you did read that correctly!  We haven’t had any complaints about the advertising and it is the only site where it is allowed on our intranet.

2. BT has a business partnership with Yahoo!  Apart from the portal and internet search option we offer customers who choose from our range of broadband packages (excellent value by the way if you’re intertested), we now offer our intranet users a BT Yahoo! internet search option.  It means Yahoo! gets more usage of its internet search than before and BT gets a % of the sponsored links people in BT click on when searching.  No one has complained about the restriction and accept the business benefit to BT if they use it.

So, not only do we provide what users want, we are able to make some money to invest in future development of our intranet.  A win-win!

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