How easy can it be to use an intranet?

Hopefully the answer will be “very easy”, a no-brainer.  But I know from talking with other intranet managers this isn’t always the case – not for the want of trying on their part either!

BT’s intranet can be accessed from any (well, most) devices, anywhere at any time.  And when you start to use it we have made the user experience as simple and easy as we can.

How do I know this?  Well, a recent independent survey carried out by GfK NOP showed 85% of users were satisfied with BT’s intranet and half were very satisfied.  Praise indeed!  But of course the challenge is to please the minority by improving it further without upsetting the majority – more difficult than it sounds.

You can find out more about BT’s intranet when I demonstrate it online at IBF24 on 19 June with my colleague, Richard Dennison, a social media legend in his own lunchtime! 🙂

Maybe you can join me then?


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