Extending publishing standards into new content areas

Hi everyone……….or even anyone out there!

I intend to use this blog to cover things of interest to do with my work rather than about me……..at least to start with anyway.

As the BT Intranet manager, I manage a very successful intranet developed over 14 years from user and business needs.  The development of new content areas like wikis and blogs give us a great opportunity for a workforce in different locations and time zones to collaborate more quickly and effectively using them.

Our online content breaks down into four categories:

  • Formal – typically published using a content management system
  • Team – using something like Sharepoint to develop plans with communities/project members
  • Crowd sourced – replicating on our intranet what Wikipedia does for internet users
  • Personal – blogging internal to share knowledge and views

The challenge is to develop the right governance so it doesn’t stifle creativity and innovation – vital to BT’s culture and bloodstream – while keeping it manageable and useful to people in BT who can benefit most from these new content types.

How do regulation, accessibility and usability concerns be addressed for example?  How do users recognise easily the different status of content that is ‘authoritative’ from an opinion expressed which could change again next week?

And that’s where you come in!  I’m keen to get any views from people either interested in this area generally, have all the answers and want to share them with me (I wish!) or has the same issues and thinks they can be helped more quickly by working with me.

Please feedback – even if it is just to take pity on me as a Brighton and Hove Albion supporter……..


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