Organisations are increasingly finding people need to use online content and tools while away from their normal place of work.  There are huge savings in office costs and increases in productivity if employees can use the intranet to help them with their work while they are mobile.

To help you achieve these savings you need to consider:

  • Why is your organisation considering mobile access?
  • Who should be responsible for sponsoring the implementation of your mobile strategy?
  • What governance framework do you need to have?
  • Who needs to use a mobile device for their work?
  • Will you let employees use their own devices for work?
  • How can you be sure your content is secure?

Using my knowledge gained from helping clients implement mobile access and my first-hand experience implementing mobile strategies, governance frameworks, designs and security policies I can help you.   Contact me to find out how to:

  • develop a strategy for mobile access to your online content and tools
  • design a governance framework to meet the specific needs of mobile users
  • create designs that work best with mobile devices
  • understand what publishing standards you need
  • find the right approach to a successful and secure implementation
  • advise on compliance with security and risk management policies
  • Meet the growing needs of mobile workers and how to manage BYOD
  • measure the full value of mobile access

I can help you in many ways:

  •     a few hours by phone/email
  •     a day’s masterclass
  •     a few days strategic advice and practical application
  •     a few weeks detailed guidance, project planning or practical implementation

Find out more about my experience, read the information below and get in touch.

How to create a mobile strategy

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