Your organisation should depend on your intranet to deliver information and services which impact on its performance.  Successful intranets are critical business tools and more than a ‘nice to have’ extra with some news and a few policies.

Intranets are vital for when you need to complete tasks using online tools and apps.  Your intranet needs to be easy to use.  You must be confident the information you use is relevant, up to date, reliable and clearly owned.

You can share information and contact friends and followers using tools on the internet that are very easy and very rich in features and functions.  You expect your organisation’s intranet to offer the same experience.  It will increasingly be a factor for people when deciding whether to join your organisation and become an engaged employee.

Your intranet doesn’t always need the technology to be improved.  Many problems can be resolved through better strategy alignment, effective governance, and making sure you fully understand what people need from your intranet and how you can meet these.

Using my knowledge gained from helping many intranets improve and my first-hand experience managing BT’s intranet, recognised by the Digital Workplace Group (was Intranet Benchmarking Forum) as one of the best globally for strategy, governance, communications, engagement, collaboration, usability and measuring value I can help you.   Contact me to find out how to:

  • Identify your business requirements and match with technology solutions that will help meet them
  • Help you define your intranet plans and implement projects
  • Develop a strategy aligned with your organisation’s and accepted by senior managers
  • Design a governance framework to show a hierarchy with roles and responsibilities
  • Understand what publishing standards you need and how best to implement them
  • Support your publishers with training, guidance, and sharing of knowledge
  • Find the right approach to successful technology and change projects
  • Advise on compliance with standards and risk management
  • Measure the benefits of and full value of your intranet

I can help you with:

  •     a few hours by phone/email
  •     a day’s masterclass
  •     a few days strategic advice and practical application
  •     a few weeks detailed guidance, project planning or practical implementation

Find out more about my experience, read the information below and get in touch.

How to develop an intranet strategy

How to manage an intranet

How to avoid the legal risks

I have been interviewed frequently on Digital Workplace (was IBF) Live about my views and experiences managing intranets.

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