Organisations are considering how to introduce collaboration tools for people to share information, give an opinion, contribute ideas and help solve problems with other people across the enterprise.

The challenges for your organisation are likely to be improving productivity, increasing employee engagement, reducing costs or enhancing customer service.  You are probably thinking:

  • What are your business requirements
  • Which collaboration tool(s) will meet these requirements?
  • How do I implement these successfully?
  • How do I manage how these tools are used?
  • How do I measure the benefits?

Your organisation needs to embrace this new way of working where people can share information, give an opinion, ask for help from other employees they didn’t know existed before, to be more productivity while saving costs.

People already use these tools on the internet.  They expect your organisation to offer the same online experience.  How will you be able to achieve this?

Using my first-hand experience when I was the BT intranet manager and working other clients to decide on the right collaboration tools I can help you.  Contact me to find out how to:

  • develop a collaboration strategy
  • decide on the right collaboration tools
  • prioritise how collaborative tools are adopted
  • improve support from senior managers
  • apply the right publishing standards and support
  • measure the benefits to be gained

I can help you in many ways:

  •     a few hours by phone/email
  •     a day’s masterclass
  •     a few days strategic advice and practical application
  •     a few weeks detailed guidance, project planning or practical implementation

Find out more about my experience, read more information below and get in touch.

How to build a corporate wiki

How to build a corporate blog

How to increase employee engagement and improve collaboration

My view on good examples of social media

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