About me

Mark Morrell Intranet pioneer I combine my first-hand experience of managing one of the best intranets in the world and strategic thinking to help organisations improve the value of their intranets, digital and mobile workplaces.

From 1996 I have managed intranets, creating strategies that support the business, and worked closely with IT partners and senior managers to develop governance frameworks and hierarchies, publishing standards, and intranet roles.  I have trained people to publish, understand why standards need to be followed, and led teams managing and implementing major technology and change projects.

I successfully pioneered how to create an intranet strategy, align it with other strategies, supported by a governance framework of publishing standards, roles and responsibilities. I combined this approach with automated compliance checks on standards, performance measures to show satisfaction and increased usage by people, highlighting the value and wider benefits to BT of an intranet.

Since I left BT in 2011 I have helped over 30 organisations to:

  • Identify business requirements for technology solutions
  • Create intranet strategies to support their business goals
  • Develop governance hierarchies with roles and responsibilities
  • Define intranet publishing standards with compliance checks
  • Help with intranet plans and implement projects
  • Support publishers with training and guidance
  • Measure the benefits of and full value of an intranet
  • Help define what is a good mobile experience

I also write white papers, blog posts, speak at conferences, run workshops, and benchmark intranets for the Digital Workplace Group (was Intranet Benchmarking Forum).

In 2002 I became the BT Intranet manager responsible for meeting the needs of over 180,000 global employees and third parties.  Working with senior representatives and IT partners I transformed BT’s intranet into a digital workplace so people can work anywhere, anytime, with any device.  BT’s intranet was recognised by the Digital Workplace Group (was Intranet Benchmarking Forum) as one of the best globally for governance, strategy, communications, engagement, collaboration, usability and measuring value.

My BT intranet achievements include:

  • Transforming the intranet into a digital workplace that employees could use anywhere, any time with any device
  • Developing and aligning intranet strategy with BT strategy to show how it supported the business goals
  • Creating a stakeholder board of senior business representatives to agree and implement the intranet strategy
  • Implementing SharePoint 2010 governance, standards and features
  • Using collaborative tools to improve communication and speed up activities
  • Building a governance model with roles and responsibilities aligned to job descriptions and performance targets
  • Researching employees’ needs with online surveys, interviews and beta testing
  • Developing standards that meet business, legal, regulatory and user needs, embedded into templates and enforced by compliance tools
  • Access to everyone, including people with mobile devices, to BT’s intranet.
  • Leading teams implementing content and document management systems

I live in Brighton on the south coast of England.

Find out more about my experience and how I can help you with intranets, SharePoint, internal communications or the digital workplace by contacting me.

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